3 hari Hanoi

1 hari Ha Long bay

1 hari Ho Chi Minh city


1. Vietnamese coffee with coconut milk. Yummyyyyy. I am not a big fan of coffee, but Vietnamese coffee makes me a big fan of Vietnamese coffee. Bitter, sweet, and caramel taste of coconut milk. It’s a perfect thing to sip everyday

2. Vietnamese interior design. I loooovvvveeee the design so much. It is a smart way to beautify small spaces. Most of Vietnamese house that I see (and I rented) are small and stack in a tall apartment. It looks like a slum area, but once you enter the house your eyes will see something cute, beautiful, and live.


Malacca/ Malaka/ Melaka

Surprisingly, Malaysia is full of unfriendly people. Orangnya galak-galak, ga nemu yg ramah. So is Vietnam. Therefore maybe Indonesians are too friendly.hahah. Not a bad thing.

Tapi makanannya JUARA! Laksa, nasi lemak, roti cane, teh tarik, are my favorite. Semua dong! Wkwkw.

Foto menyusul

Being adult

It seemed very cool and great to be an adult, when I was kid.

But, it is not..

You will find it hard to get a friend. Fake friends are a lot. But the real one is hard to get.

You will find that friendship is not as simple as the one you experienced in the childhood. Friendship with a lot of secrets and lies and interests you will face.

You should focus on your real friends instead of the fake ones. Don’t believe anyone too easily. Not everyone is good. Some are bad and even they will put you as a bad guy to cover what they have done. Keep in faith.

Adulthood is scary, yet you must through it.
*I know that it is a bad idea to touch social media on your fingertips when you are emotional. But I need this to dump my thoughts