Being adult

It seemed very cool and great to be an adult, when I was kid.

But, it is not..

You will find it hard to get a friend. Fake friends are a lot. But the real one is hard to get.

You will find that friendship is not as simple as the one you experienced in the childhood. Friendship with a lot of secrets and lies and interests you will face.

You should focus on your real friends instead of the fake ones. Don’t believe anyone too easily. Not everyone is good. Some are bad and even they will put you as a bad guy to cover what they have done. Keep in faith.

Adulthood is scary, yet you must through it.
*I know that it is a bad idea to touch social media on your fingertips when you are emotional. But I need this to dump my thoughts

When what you believe is not the reality

My friend once told me ‘everyone is good people, you just have to see it from their perspective’.

I used to believe this, until..maybe now..

I know that it is stupid. Stupid to believe in good people. Stupid to care so much of your friend, while she doesn’t even care of your position. Stupid that you can’t pay back what they have done. Because everyone is good persons, until they put you in the edge and make you as a bad person.

Thank you for the lesson that not everyone is good person, some are bad. But the most important one is I am not a bad person.