May be I should write this at the end of year. But I think it’ll be too long to wait for 2 months later to write this.

Why I call this year as a Fantastic Year?


This is the year when I had my first abroad flights. My mother and I went to UK to visit my sister there. We went there by May (actually I forget about the date). We stayed in UK for 5 days and then continued our travel to France and Prague.

I learned many things there. First, everybody has the same chance to study abroad. Everybody who has an excellent grade in Indonesia and ready to face the world wide. And of course for me, I need a full scholarship to be able to study abroad.

The second thing I learned was about the countries. Those countries (UK, France, and Czech Republic) have a very good tourism system, especially UK and Czech. By the time we arrived to train station, we got a tourism city map, transportation map, and public place like restaurant or souvenir shop. It’s very good. We had never lost there because of a good guidance. May be just once or twice we asked for the guidance to people. The countries are incredible. We could reach every places by the transport. There the buses that we need to buy by online in UK. The other means of transportation in UK are train and subway. The buses were very discipline. We had ever been late and missed the bus. But, remember that the British people are kind, they allowed us to get in the next bus after my sister had a negotiation with the officer. I really appreciate them. The train and the subway also cool. They are very fast. We just needed 2 hours to reach a place that 7 hours trip by bus. But the tickets are very expensive. It’s about Rp 600 thousands each. There’s a price, there’s a quality. Fast and comfortable. The cheapest train there is so much better than the most expensive train in Indonesia. Unbelievable!

Means of transportation in Czech are tram and metro. Tram is like bus on the railway. It passes inside the city. Hence, metro is subway train. We don’t need to pay for tram and also the metro. I like to ride them. I never imagine I can be there.

The most awful transport is in France. There is bus and subway train. But they’re not discipline although they’re still better than Indonesia’s. The atmosphere of France is like Indonesia, hot and sunny. I really disappointed to France. I had over-expectation to this country.

I hope I can be there once again someday..


The second is I had graduation this year in July. Finally I could be graduated from Chemical Engineering ITB. Four years was the hardest phase of my life. Not only about the education, but also about the competition atmosphere that I had to experience. This is not an exaggeration. My friends and I had crying together because we had under-pressured. We had crying together and we had fun together too. Without them, I can’t pass my bachelor degree. It was very hard to enter this university, especially the major because it was the second highest passing grade in Indonesia after Medical UI. But, do you know that to be graduated from this place is much much more hard than entering it. I understand why ITB called ‘Institut Tekanan Batin’. I proved it. Alhamdulillah I can be graduated with a good result.



The third is I got my first step to Sumatra in this year. It was on 15 August 2011. I had my first step on Sumatra Island in Riau. Riau is very hot, hotter than Jakarta though. Most of it is forest. Acacia forest, natural forest, and palm field. I got an offering from a pulp and paper industry in December 2010. I followed the test and finally I got this job in April 2011. Now, I wonder why I took this job. Nothing could change this. I shouldn’t regret the decision I had make. Just find the way out. The best way out that won’t hurt everybody and good for me.


And the last is I find my boyfriend this year. Finally I understand God’s plan for me that He sent me to Riau. He wants to give me some lessons. He wants me to be able to address a job that I don’t like far away from my hometown and experienced a love. Hope he’ll be the last 🙂


Of course there are many other things that makes this year fantastic, such as my sister back to Indonesia, had a meaningful talk with my father’s doctor, and so on. I hope I will have other great experiences in the rest of this year and the next year. Amin


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