Medan (Oct 2012)

I thought this city is a cruel city where I will meet bad-tempered-talking people, many crimes, and food contained ham. But you know, I didn’t find it in this two days.

The people in this city is nice, especially the homestay receptionist. He is very friendly and nice. He is communicative since I haven’t arrived in the hotel yet. Beside him, everybody here is so nice. I asked people on the road side and they answered nicely. I talked to becak drivers and they talk nicely also.

Food?? Don’t worry. There are many foostalls wrote Arabic and Kaligraph. Or just find Padang restaurants. But be carefull, not all Padang restaurants are Moslems. See who’s inside the restaurant, is there any man who wear ‘peci’ or woman who wear ‘jilbab’. If there is, dont worry.

Two days here erase all the bad things that I thought about Medan.

Thanks to Medan



Masjid Raya in the night view


Medan city view



Tjong Afie’s mansion



Istana Maemun

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