Having nothing to do, then I’d better to write something about my last travel to Tromso.

Many people don’t have any idea where this city is. This is located in Norway, in the north part of Norway. This city include in the Arctic Circle. What is Arctic Circle? We know that there’s no continental named Arctic. All we know is Arctic = North Pole. Yes, Arctic is not a continental. There’s just an open sea which covered by the massive ice sheet on the surface. This ice sheet that usually known by North Pole. Arctic itself is not only that ice sheet, but also the permafrost that surround that area such as Canada, Russia, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, and Finland (source: Wikipedia). This are then so called as Arctic Circle which include any area above 66.5 degree latitude.

There’s a wonderful phenomena that only happened in the Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circle. This is Aurora (or Northern Light in the Arctic Circle and Southern Light in the Antarctic Circle).

This is my dream since I was about 12, to see Aurora. Then I came to the country that next to the Arctic. So I just need to go a little north (not that ‘little’ actually, about 2000 km) to find this ‘lady’ Aurora. Tromso is one of the best place in the world to witness this phenomena, and I got cheap flight tickets. So there I was for 3 days. A travel to make my dream comes true, chasing the ‘lady’ Aurora.

It’s not easy for me to adapt there due to my tropical skin. I put 6 layers of clothes in that evening when chasing Aurora. And still not enough. I was freezing. I took tour ‘Aurora Hunting’ and we went to several places that dark and have a clear sky, and end up in Sommaroy (an island surround Tromso). The places that we pass through were really really dark and most of them are an open area that consist only with rocks, small brushes, and I think several polar animals that hiding far away from the street. We met a male raindeer passing across our car. In that time, I feel like I’m in the “polar” because of the darkness, cold, and ice everywhere.

Talking about the aurora that we got, actually it’s not as good as on the postcard or something. It’s not that bright like in the pictures. It was just like a rainbow, but it’s not arc, it’s green, it’s wider, and it’s moving (growing and dead). It’s so beautiful on the pictures mostly because of the camera trick. You have to use DSLR and use the lens opening like 25 seconds or something so of course the light will be much brighter than it is. But it was not bad. It was good and glad about it. I just over-expected about it (like I used to). Now, I’m not curious anymore about it and I checked one of my dreams. FYI, I did dog-sledding and snowmobile too. They were just AMAZING.


It was just too cold to smile :)

It was just too cold to smile đŸ™‚


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