These past few months I got so many wedding invitation from my friends and family. The conversation topic with my friends also about this: to-be-married soon, getting more serious with their boyfriends, marriage-talking with their family, or still having no boyfriend in this limited time. This makes me start to think about it also.

Why are they talking about this at the same time? Yah in fact, me too. This is a kind of domino effect from my friends, so this makes me have to think about this too. Indonesian culture, is one of the reason. Indonesian women are considered to be “expired” in 27-30 years old. This becomes a standard age when women will be married. Strange? Yes! This is cruel too to say that. It’s a common thing to judge a 28-years-old-unmarried-women as too old to be unmarried. Come on!! It’s people’s choice. I can choose when I want to be married. You should not judge any woman who want to be single at any of her age. It’s every woman’s choice to be married at 21, 25, 35, 40, 60 years old. Who cares?! This is your life and you are the one who should control your life.

The cultural judgement from the family, friends, and neighborhood can’t be neglected, of course. It can be so stressful to face the ‘when will you be married’ question from family and people. I am not a feminist and I don’t want to talk about the religious thing, but I just want to say that that kind of judgement is foolish and stupid. Therefore I put my respect to those Indonesian women who still be unmarried and be able to live their life or even achieved something great in their life.


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