Party and Quran

What do you think when I say that word? PARTY. In Norway. May be you’ll think that a lot of people will come to a place where they will have a loud music, people dancing around crazily without feeling tired, and where people drunk. Yah, it’s the same with what I imagine before. Especially Norwegian party. I went to Iranian party and Malagasy party before. These parties were like that description. What I don’t like about that kind of party is that the music is so loud and may be once or twice, you’d be asked to dance, which I am not good at. But the positive side of this kind of party is I don’t need to have too much talk with people (especially new people) because they’re busy dancing.hahaha.

Let me tell you what is the Norwegian party like. It’s the place where I can ‘safely’ to join the party.haha. I had never known about that. I thought Norwegian party would be ‘worse’ than Iranian or Malagasy party. But I proved it that it is not. I came to this party at 11 pm, where the invitation is at 7.30 pm. I was sooo late. I’m aware of that. It’s just my strategy because I don’t want to stay so long in the party. So I came to the party, speak a little bit to my friend who invited me, and found a chair where friends of mine were sitting. I thought that at least I sit on in the friend-circle which will make me more comfortable. There were beers, wine, and many other alcohol that I don’t know what kind of alcohol is that. But of course there were coke, juice, and chips 🙂 There were several ‘new’ guys who sit in our table and all of them were really nice and they wanted to have an ‘international discussion’. There were all international people in our table. We talked about work, school, culture, and our countries. It was really nice until two guys came in our table when I started to be sleepy (and one of my friend was already half-drunk, it’s so funny to talk to drunk guy, LOL). One of them was interested in tax because he is a businessman, and the other one was interested in religion *I guess. This is a really hard topic for me, moreover when I am sleepy. Of course I got the most discussion about Islam because I am the only one there and I know that in their mind ‘Islam’ is something strange.

First he asked me where I am from and then commented about my hijab, which is so catchy for Europe (and world). He told me that he has a Turkey male friend who is Moslem, and Iran (or Iraq) female friend who was Moslem but she gave up. He said that the woman gave up because she doesn’t understand why Islam asks Moslem to do this and that, don’t do this and that. When she tried to find out the reason behind the rule, she gave up. He also had a lot of discussion with Turkey man about Moslem. He ends up with the conclusion that ‘Moslems do many things which taught by Quran but they don’t know the reason’.

I must say that he is not wrong to conclude that. I see it happens in Indonesia, I don’t know the Moslem’s condition in other countries. For me, I understand that. It happens to me also. Why I do this and that? Why is it like this? Why I can’t do this and that? I’m looking for the answers. I don’t understand why we have to pray 5 times a day, and why we have to pray with that movement and positions. When I asked people, I will end up with the answer ‘because it’s said so in Quran’ or ‘because that is how Muhammad pray’. But why we can’t pray with just sitting? Because I think the main idea of praying is the communication between you and God so you don’t need any movement as long as you’re focus to it.

I believe that Quran teaches us good deeds and how to be a good human in world and the afterlife. When you believe in something, you will do what He or Quran said because you believe that it will end up in something good although you don’t know the reason yet. But keep doing it because it is good, and may be in the end of your life you’ll know the reason. Don’t forget that human brain’s capacity in so little compare to the God’s knowledge. So may be you will get the answer for your questions next day, next year, or may be it will take a lifetime to understand that or even you will never understand that because you need more more more time and brain’s capacity to find the answer. God is Almighty. He knows everything. So the answer is right. BACK TO YOUR FAITH.


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