Airbnb Experiences

Have you ever heard about airbnb? It’s a website ( which provides the information of the places that are rented out. It can be house, apartment, room, or even only sofa. It can be rented out daily, weekly, or monthly. It can be a private place or shared place. I tried that for three times when I travel. Considered the cheaper price compare to hostels, I chose to use airbnb. My other reason is I want to be blended with the locals so if I stay in their place, it will be easy to be friend with them. Here I will share my experience.


1. Barcelona (

I rented the room for a night with my friend. The owner is Randerson. His apartment is tiny, with a large bedroom, a small bedroom, a tiny bathroom, a kitchen, and a small living room. We stayed in the large bedroom. It was not that large, but compare to his entire house it is large. The room is about 3 x 2.5 m with a king size bed, a cupboard, and two small tables beside the bed. Randerson was nice. I contacted him to do the reservation and also asking the way to get to his place. When we arrived, I found out that he doesn’t speak English. He used translator to reply my message and also to speak with us. But the introduction and the house orientation were going well. He gave us a key of his house!! Who does in this earth give the key of his house to the strangers?? He does! Amazing. How could he trust two girls who he just met for 5 minutes? He also didn’t ask our passport or else. He’s too kind I think. We didn’t meet him at all after the introduction until we checked out. We didn’t meet him when checked out. I think he was drunk that morning. We locked the house from outside then throw in the key from the small hole in the door. He’s too nice.hahaha


2. Rome (

My friend and I rented a room in a girl’s house near Tiburtina bus station. It’s pretty cheap compare to hostels price. It was 60 euro for 2 of us for 3 days. So it was 10 euros per day per person. So cheap hah?!

When preparing the trip, I was attracted to her ads on Airbnb. She said she wants to learn English so I thought she must be someone who wants to be friend with us. She said also that she just rent the room only for women. I like her. Then I contacted her and she asked some questions about me. And then I added her on Facebook. She was nice from the beginning.

When I got to Rome, she picked us up on the bus stop near her house and helped me with my luggage. Her apartment is small. Her place is on the 3rd or 4th floor (I forget), and fortunately there is a lift. There were 2 bedrooms in her apartment; her room and her mother’s. We stayed in her room, while she slept in her mother’s room with her mother. I didn’t meet her mother because her mother left the house so early and when I come back to home, she was sleeping. But my friend did meet her when I was taking shower. My friend said that she was nice too.

Oh ya I forget to mention this Italian girl’s name. She is Veronica di Lascio. She is younger than me. We share lots of story, about Indonesia, Italy, Norway, and also about religion. She is the one who makes me want to keep using Airbnb. By this, I can interact with the native people. We kept contact even until I get to Indonesia.


3. Yogyakarta (

It’s funny, hah, to stay in someone’s house in Yogya while my house is in Magelang which only 1-1.5hour from Yogya. Yes it is indeed funny. My mother and I wanted to spend the weekend in Yogya and we didn’t want to stay in my aunt’s house because we didn’t want to make her busy with us. So I looked for the hostels in Yogya which I didn’t like because of the value. Then I looked for on Airbnb. I found this ads about Boma guesthouse. It was cheap, only 25 usd if I’m not mistaken and my sister had a BCA promotion which I could use for this. I we only paid 2 usd. 2 usd for 2 persons for a night. It sounds impossible.hahaha.

The owners are Boma and Nina, his wife. They are young married couple. They are so nice. When arrived, they met us in the alley to their house and having a nice chat with us. Talking about academic, Norway, my mother’s children (my sister and me), business, and many other things. They welcomed us warmly. Soooo warmly. This make me want to rent my room when I have my own house. It’s always nice to meet new people 🙂


Those are my experience with Airbnb. I definitely will use Airbnb again *when I don’t travel alone*


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