Glutinous or Sticky Rice


That’s my theme for this week (may be this month!? 😥 ). It started by me who was craving for lupis (Indonesian traditional snack) which made of by ketan (glutinous or sticky rice). I searched the recipe and got it. It seemed easy and simple. That recipe stated that 1kg of ketan can make 20pieces of lupis. Then I calculated for 7 person I think we need 2 kgs. I asked my friend to soak all the ketan in water over the night. The next day I saw it and it turns out too much.hahaha. We made about 15 pieces of lupis by using around 200 grams. You can imagine how much the rest of it. It is a disaster.

For 15 pieces of lupis:
– 200 gr ketan
– 2 pandan leaves
– banana leaves
– toothpicks
– salt
– water
-coconut crumble

For the sauce:
– 1 pcs palm sugar
– 100ml water
– a pinch of salt
– 1 tbp of corn flour dilluted with cold water (you need this when the sugar sauce can’t be thickened like mine)

Soak the ketan in water overnight ( you can soak for 1-3hrs, some recipes said so). Make the triangle-shaped banana leaves. Insert ketan for less than half of the triangle-shaped banana leaves. Close the leaves with toothpicks. Boil them in the water for 2 hours with salt and pandan leaves. Keep them immersed in water.

Boil all the ingredients for the sauce until thick enough.

Take out the lupis and let them cool. Sprinkle the coconut crumbs over. Serve with the palm sugar sauce.

Instead of continuing make lupis which takes 3hrs to be ready, we made jadah or ulen (another traditional snack). It was quite easy and quick. But, again, we didn’t need a lot of ketan.

For about 15-20 pieces of jadah:
– 200 grams of ketan. Cook with rice cooker.
– 200 gram coconut crumble
– salt
– frying oil

When the ketan is cooked, mixed the coconut crumble and salt until perfectly mixed. Make the thin circular shape out of 2 tbs of the ketan-coconut mixture. Fry in hot oil until become light-brown colored.
It’ s good to eat it with sambel trasi and cucumber.


Then we are the girls, took the ketan for us to make something out of it. This is what I made:

Kupat tahu magelang
I used jadah instead of kupat, and fiskepudding instead of tahu. Then the name should be jadah fiskepudding stavanger. Not that bad :p

What we need (for 1 portion)
– Kupat or jadah or rice *whatever*
– Cabbage
– Fiskepudding or a block of tahu — fried

For the sauce:
– 2 onions — chopped or ground
– 1 shallot — chopped or ground
– 2-3 chili rawit — chopped or ground
– 2 lime leaves
– 2 tbp of almond or nut — grind roughly
– 1 tbp of palm sugar
– soya sauce
– salt
– 200ml water

Fry the onion, shallot, chili, and nut. Add lime leaves, water and palm sugar. Let it boil. Add soya sauce and sugar.

Arrange the kupat, tahu, and cabbage on the plate. Pour the sauce. Add fried onion. Would be the best to eat it with shrimp chips.


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