Beyond Imagination World – FEZ

What do you think when I mention about Arabic countries?
War, hot, weirdly-dressed people, harsh people, etc???

I know what you think because I am thinking about the same things although I am a Moslem. But you have to read more of this to get things clearer!

In the beginning of January 2015, my friends and I went to Morocco. ‘Yes’ it’s one of Arabic countries and ‘yes’ it’s in Africa. A short flashback when I told that I will go to Morocco to my supervisor:
Spv : Morocco?!!
Me : Yes
Spv : Morocco in Africa??
Me : Exactly
He was so surprised. So was my friends whom I told that I would go to Morocco. No one in Norway would go to Morocco for holiday. Not us!

Honestly, I didn’t know that majority if Moroccan is Moslem. All I know is just there are camels and desert. Naive :p. I found out that fact in Belgium airport where I saw many hijabed-women and bearded-men and most of the flights served in that airport is to Morocco. Then I think, ‘Ok, I’m heading to Moslem’s country’. Voila!! Everything in Fez-Morocco airport is in Arabic and several women wear hijab. The first feeling I had when I stepped on Morocco is it’s so similar with Indonesia. How the locals behave, how they want to earn more money from tourists, how dirty and messy the city is. It’s an ugly truth. The differences are the physical appearance of the locals, the shape of the houses, the culture, and they speak French and Arabic instead of Indonesian (of course).

Fez airport

Fez airport

We spent the first two days in Fez, served with the best mint tea ever. We were so shocked in the first day when we went around the souk or market. The souk is so big and full with many kinds of shops and people. There are some tourist attractions inside and we had to struggle to find those places. Beside that, there are some man youngsters that wanted to show us the places and asked money later. We were so afraid of those youngsters and the people. The owner of the hostel that we stayed said ‘Don’t talk to anyone, just walk and follow your program’ which makes us feel warned. When someone talk to us nicely, we always feel curious whether he is nice or he just want us to give him tip in the end. But we did give them tip if he is nice, like the waiter in the restaurant. The food was so good, as well. That was the best tagine and the best Moroccan salad we tasted for the whole week.

Morrocan Salad and their Bread

Morrocan Salad and their Bread

Chicken couscous and beef tagine

Chicken couscous and beef tagine

Jardin de Bou Jloud

Jardin de Bou Jloud

The next trip is to Merzougha.


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