Well, to live in abroad is not as exciting as you think. There are many consequences that you will have to face. I’ve never thought about this since I mostly enjoy my life here. But this weekend makes me realize that it’s not easy to live so far away from your friends (of course with your family too).

I missed a lot of things that is happening in my home country. I missed the high school reunion. I thought that it wouldn’t make me sad to miss this event since I was not that-cool-kid in the high school. But, I was so shallow because it came across my mind.hahaha. It is about friendship!! I have a bunch of good friends from my high school.

I just can’t believe it’s been 8 years since our high school graduation. The time when we spent 3 years together with laugh, love, sadness, cry, fool, and many stupid things that teenagers usually do. Since my school is a semi-military boarding school, it is hard to share with other friends how wonderful the feeling is to live in that school for 3 years. Although I’ll explain it for days, you can’t never understand it.

– How we were shocked to have the first general medical check-up which you can’t imagine. We were just teenagers. We had to do ‘that’ thing. Even if I have to do it again now, I still be shocked. No one can eat after having that check-up and will hardly sleep. It was that scary.

– The first 3 months in that school was the time when I missed my family so much and the starting point of our friendship. We turning from “we don’t know each other” to become “we’re crying together because we missed our family that much”. Yup, the feeling was so deep.

– The feeling when you understand what the friendship is. They are not your friends, actually. They are your family. A big big family. A family who always have a special place in your heart although you meet new friends, new people. They are always be there in your heart.

– The proud feeling when you say in your prom night that you will always give the best for your country and your world. That idealism which sounds so cheesy right now. But, we meant, we mean, and always will mean it. That idealism that we have to keep in our mind. I remember I was a part of a group which has vision to rule the world. It sound bullsh*t, I know. But we were that idealist to always give the best for the world. Now, I have to remember that spirit again. I need that.

It was one of the best time of my life. Understanding true friendship. We were/are not competing each other, but strive together to do our best. I think this is enough to reminisce my high school. Otherwise, I will keep crying and not doing anything..

See you in 2027 my Albatross!!


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