Food Technology Has Gone too Far

In the last one month, I’ve been thinking of “do I eat the real foods?”. When I was in Norway, my friend who shared the same kitchen with me used to eat only meat, vegetables (mostly raw), milk, coconut milk, oatmeal, although sometime she also ate fishfingers and pancakes. She didn’t use any spices like onion, garlic, and other things. Only salt and pepper sometimes. When I asked her why she ate only those things, she said she wants to eat the real food. Then I saw my dishes. Full of spices. The taste was not brocolli, but chilli and garlic taste. Well, since then I’ve been thinking about ‘real food’.

Clearly, bread and pasta are not real food. Flour and wheat does. Bread and pasta have a lot of process before they are called as ‘bread’ and ‘pasta’. What about rice? I thought rice is real food. I thought it doesn’t have any prior processing other than skinning of the bran, husk, and hull. But I was wrong. I just found out that (some) rice are sprayed by the jasmine fragrance and nutrition to increase the market value. It has been modified! Since I thought that the modification of rice is taken place on white rice (most consumed) only, I’ve started to consume brown rice which I hope it’s less modified.

What else? Milk!

I have had gastritis since I was in high school. When I was in Indonesia before I lived in Norway, I know that everytime I got my gastritis coming I cannot drink milk because it would make it worse. Surprisingly, when it came in Norway in August 2015, the doctor suggested me to drink milk and waited for 30mins. Voila! I was fully recovered after drank milk. Then it has coming again since 3 days ago (I am back to Indonesia). I drank the milk that I always have for everyday (UHT sterilized-milk). My gastritis got worse and worse. I remembered that the milk I had in Norway was pasteurized milk. So, I bought pasteurized milk which comes in a small can. Interestingly, my stomach is feeling better now (I hope it remains).

What’s so different between UHT sterilized and pasteurized milk to the gastritis patient? Well, frankly I didn’t find any useful article in my (internet) research. But I read an article related to the drawback of UHT sterilized-milk here. It said that the rapid heat treatment can flatten the 3-dimensional protein. In an easy way, the process turns the protein into ‘foreign’ molecules. For the ‘leaky gut’ the foreign molecules enter the bloodstream and raise up the immune response. MAYBE that is why I felt worse to drink UHT sterilized-milk than pasterized milk. My doctor should’ve told me this when I consulted yesterday.

So, milk is also modified! The molecules in milk are changed due to the packaging process.

Then, what is the real food?


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