Rolled French Toast

This one is made without any recipes but it ended up great taste. It was also still great when I eat it the next morning without being refridged only warmed (although my friend asked would she got stomachache if she eats it #punch her!)

– 5 slices left over white bread

– 1 egg

– 1 tbs flour

– 5 tbs water or milk

– salt

– 1 garlic

– 1 stalk of scallion (you can add more if you like. I found it the more the better taste)

– pepper powder

– sausages for the filling


1. Mix egg, salt, pepper powder, chopped scallion, chopped garlic

2. Add flour and water. Mix thoroughly until it is smooth

3. Dip each of bread slice to the flour mixture until all bread surface is covered

4. Put the sausage on the side of the bread, then roll the bread

5. Bring the rolled bread to the preheated pan (or oven). Turn the side and keep about 3 mins each side. It is ready when the color is brownish and the inside is not watery anymore.
It is a good option for breakfast and get along very well with chili sauce and veggies.


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